JL-01 3 in1 Joystick Grip Extended Handle Game Controller Ultra-Portable Five-Angle Gamepad for All Smartphone


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1. Light weight, small size, easy to install.

2. 3 in 1 design, Game handle + mobile phone bracket + handset joystick.

3. Back support design, three gears can adjust the slope of the handle.

4. Rocker is removable, easy to control the characters.

5. Telescopic, suitable for 4.5-6.5 inch smart phone.

6. Ergonomics design, concave and convex patterns, comfortable to grip.

7. Both sides of super large opening design do not interfere with charging and plug – in headphones, giving you an excellent game experience.

8. Support shooting games such as user-defined Gunfight at home and abroad.


Material: plastic + metal parts

Color: Black

Net weight: approx. 68g

Size: approx.150*105*25mm/5.9*4.13*0.98»


3 in 1 Joystick Grip Extended Handle Sucker Gamepad Mobile Phone bracket Holder with Joystick Grip Extenders

Package Included:

1 x Game Controller Holder

2 x Joystick Grip Extenders

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