Cablexpert Βάση Στήριξης Tablet για Προσκέφαλο Αυτοκινήτου από 8΄΄εως 12΄΄ (GM-TA-CHHR-02 )


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Universal – fits on all iPads and most other tablets
Easy fixation on the head rest of the front chairs
Entertain your children on long car trips

Universal tablet car holder for use on the car head rest
Adjustable fixation to fit most car head rests
Suitable for use with most 8″, 9.7″ (iPad), 10.1″ and 12 tablets

Material: ABS
Net weight: 0.23 kg
Adjustable for tablet size: 140 – 250 mm
Adjustable head rest fixation width: 75 – 165 mm
Dimensions: 195 x 146 mm (folded)

System requirements
Check car compatibility first. The space between car head rest pins must be 75-165 mm. Max. compatible thickness of the car head rest pins is 10 mm.

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