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Skye’s Ultimate Rescue Helicopter

This pups gotta fly! Take to the sky with the Ultimate Rescue Helicopter! This helicopter is equipped with a moving propeller, flip-down handle and extendable rescue hook! With room for all 6 pups (2 figures included) on board, the PAW Patrol is ready for a ruff, ruff, rescue! Open the back door to load in the pups, then place Skye and Marshall in the cockpit and lift off. Pull on the pink lever and you’ll activate the rotating propeller, flashing lights and realistic helicopter sounds! When you and Skye spot a baby animal (not included) in trouble, pull out the extendable rescue hook. Place it around the baby animal and pull them to safety! For even more excitement, store an Ultimate Rescue Mini Vehicle (not included) aboard for last-minute rescues! With flashing lights, realistic sound effects and an extendable rescue hook, this helicopter brings all the excitement of Adventure Bay into your home! Join Skye on an action-packed adventure with the Ultimate Rescue Helicopter!

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